Few people own an authentic SA or SS Nazi German uniform, let alone imagine that wearing said uniform to a fancy dress party would ever be a good idea. This is exactly what Henry Charles Albert David Saxe Coburg und Gotha – currently fifth in line to the English throne – did. Of course we were all told that this was just the hijinks of an ordinary young lad. It was neither fashionable nor polite at the time to point out the inconvenient truth that the little prince was neither ordinary nor a young lad. He was a member of the royal household, highly educated, privileged, and in his twenties. What we witnessed back in 2005 was a display of typical aristocratic arrogance.

Now we are meant to be shocked that the Sun newspaper, admittedly one of the worst examples of tabloid journalism on the planet, has published footage from 1934 of the Queen – as a cute little princess – with her mummy and Uncle Eddie all playfully giving the Nazi salute. There can be no doubt that wee Elizabeth was only having a laugh; she was only about eight when this film was shot, but the same can’t be said for the others in the frame. Yes, this was all before the true horror of Nazism was realised in genocide and war, but are we to believe that the most informed family in Britain were unaware of the nature of Hitler and National Socialism in Germany – especially considering the dubious connections between Uncle Eddie and the German Chancellor?

No, not at all! These were not stupid people, and it is very much part of the official record that there were Nazi sympathisers within the British establishment and in the royal family. We would have to be complete and utter morons to imagine that everything in this footage is innocent. It is very far from innocent – it is positively sinister.

What we have to ask ourselves is how much of the water was poisoned in the early formation of Elizabeth Saxe Coburg und Gotha. It is no secret how much early childhood experience shapes the behaviour and mentality of the adult, and indeed other generations in a family. Personally, I don’t believe that Elizabeth is a Nazi, or even a real racist for that matter, but the shadow of the swastika has never been too far from the royal family. It may be a little disturbing to think about, but if it is any consolation, then we should bear in mind that in the 1930s her family were not the only German family playing in the garden at making Nazi salutes. It’s time to move on.

Jason Michael
Blog Author

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