So the English austerity hammer has come down on Scotland’s head like a tonne of bricks has it? Apparently there were too many unanswered questions last September for us to have avoided all of this. Well now we have the answers! Let’s not start blaming the independence movement for the mess we are in – and we are in one hell of a mess. Weren’t we all told that a Yes vote last year would land us all in a social catastrophe? England’s Chancellor has just gone and writ ‘social catastrophe’ large all over Scotland, and there is precious little that any of us can do about it. Oh yes, we could have done something about it, but that boat has sailed I’m afraid (at least for the time being).

George Osborne went for all the usual targets of the Tory austerity agenda; the unemployed, the elderly, the disabled, low-wage families, and single parents. He went for those people he knew couldn’t defend themselves and those who were not in a position to fight back – he came right for Scotland and there wasn’t a bloody thing that we could do about it because we asked for it. Aye, you read that right, we asked for it. Joseph de Maistre said that “In a democracy the people get the government they deserve,” and whether we like it or not he is dead on the money. Just over half of Scotland voted to remain in this union; trusting that English, privately educated millionaires knew what was best for the people of Scotland. Well, I hope that that question is answered!

Even the dogs on the street knew last September that people were dying because of the decisions that were being made for us in London. What this latest axe-fall promises is that the body count will continue to rise, only now with a steeper trajectory. Don’t think that this was everyone in Scotland’s fault – ye were telt! Yet instead of listening and trusting what it saw with its own eyes the democratic majority of this country decided that it would rather just eat its cornflakes. Please forgive the use of a humorous meme here, because nothing of this is funny. It’s frightening, and if you are terrified about the future you bloody well should be. None of this is going to get better; certainly not until a few more people open their eyes and help us get out of this broken Britain. Time has run out for the victims of austerity, and time is running out for the rest of us – we do not have forever to get this done.

Jason Michael
Blog Author


4 thoughts on “How Are You Enjoying Your Cornflakes Scotland?

  1. I think that you need to read up on the Barnett Formula. It is the economically depressed post-industrial parts of England that get the worst deal out of the ‘United Kingdom’. Scotland does pretty well per head of population and the ‘occupied’ part of Ireland does significantly better (the formerly independent part of Ireland certainly can’t afford to pay for it). Osborne, like Cameron, comes from a non-English landed gentry family; they are the ones who want to keep the ‘United Kingdom’ together.


    1. Thanks for the comment friend. Perhaps there was a hint of aggression in your opening statement (or I’m reading you wrong), but I would like to assure you that I am versed in the economic formula which governs Scotland, and that I certainly am not ignorant of the sufferings of England’s north. While I am angry for the north of England and deeply sympathetic to the cause for a better deal for those northerners, there is precious little we in Scotland can do. Our objective is to look after ourselves and leave this broken union, and in so doing beat the track for others around the UK to do the same. I do hope that you understand that my concern is only for my own country, and this is what was reflected in the above post.


    2. I am not even specifically talking about the north of England, I am talking about places as far south as Coventry where I live. Don’t forget that it was Gordon Brown, whom none of us English voted for, who ran a deficit during the peak of the boom; and that other ‘fiscally prudent’ Scotsman, Fred ‘the shred’ Goodwin was CEO of the Scottish bank that bought up American mortgage securities and which has now been bailed out by taxpayers throughout the UK.


    3. Please do bear in mind that Scotland did not vote for Gordon Brown either. He succeeded Tony Blair who was voted for in England. Brown did not win a general election, and is very much disliked in the Kingdom of Scotland. England’s electorate has determined the outcome of every single UK general election bar none.


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