Ever since the 1967 Six Day War the State of Israel has occupied the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and the Golan Heights, and has therefore dictated the living conditions of some four and a half million Palestinians whilst simultaneously denying the right of the Palestinian people to statehood. Through the entire forty-eight year period of this occupation Israel has undermined the fabric of Palestinian society with the continual plantation of Israeli settlements, which the United Nations deemed illegal in 1979, and has used a US backed military complex to both protect these settlements and divide the Palestinian population into cantons – effectively creating Apartheid South Africa style Bantustans. Today what remains of Palestine appears on the map as shattered enclaves of a slave population completely isolated from the world, surrounded by Israel’s armed forces, and separated from one another by an ever-growing network of Israeli settlements.

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One solution does exist to this problem, and that is the complete annexation of Palestine by Israel and either the expulsion or the slaughter of the remaining ‘foreign’ population. It is clear that Israel cannot annex the West Bank without the permanent removal of the original inhabitants. Any comprehensive take-over of the land will have to be accompanied by the removal of the Palestinian people. Let’s not be too precious at the suggestion of a wholesale slaughter of the occupied population – it’s not like the State of Israel cares, or the United States for that matter. Palestinians are routinely tortured and murdered by Israel, all that is being suggested here is a speeding-up of that process.

What really stands in the way of this happening is the sheer cost of the project. Encouraging Israelis to become settlers in an occupied territory with financial incentives and tax breaks costs the state a great deal of money, and, to make things worse, people living under military occupation get violent from time to time – so a large security presence adds to the bill. Taxpayers in a “democracy” do not like these expenses and may therefore threaten the entire project. The perfect solution to this problem would be making the occupation pay for itself and gather enough surplus revenue to invest in further expansion.

A model like this has already been successfully employed in Europe, and there is no reason why it would not have the same success in the Middle East. Israel might consider setting up a Polish style Special Administrative Zone of Occupation in which industries are established to make use of low-paid or slave labour. Employment in such an environment, where few other opportunities are permitted or possible, will ensure that the population is divided against itself and so reduce the risk of social resistance. It will also guarantee that taxes and other sources of revenue benefit the occupier and weaken the economic viability of the occupied territory. Goods produced in this Administrative Zone can then be sold to the occupied population and exported abroad. Finances accrued from this economic activity may then be used to fund the military presence, develop and improve the existing state of the settlements and the settlement industries, and contribute to the cost of further colonial expansion.

It would appear as though I have wasted my time thinking through this idea. Israel has already adopted this policy of occupation and expansion.

Jason Michael
Blog Author

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