Already the enemy is at the gates! All the powers of the international financiers and banking institutions of the European Union are laying nothing less than a siege on Greece. Let’s not pretend that we are not being hypocrites in our present concern. Over the past seven decades the same and similar institutions and creditors have despoiled and bankrupted the poorer nations of the southern hemisphere and we have scarce lifted our voices. Everything has changed now that these predators have encircled little Greece – one of our own. To be sure, if Greece falls then the ordinary working people of every country in Europe lie naked and defenceless before the march of the destroyers of worlds. If these gates are compromised then it is certain and beyond any shadow of a doubt that we will never be in a position to defend their victims elsewhere in the world.

Greece is in crisis, and this means that Europe is in crisis, and what is meant by this is that it is not the banks, financiers, creditors, and the entire apparatus of the European Union that is in crisis but the ordinary people of Europe; working people, children, the elderly, the disabled, and the poor. If Greece falls then the doors are left wide open for these suits and ties to bleed every last one of us dry. We are all in crisis.

Now is the time for thoughtful and decisive action; not quasi-intellectual thoughts (which are nothing but more cerebral flatulence) or pseudo-Socialistic cheer-leading (half-baked academic onanism), but real and meaningful, well-thought action. Europe’s siege of Greece has forced the left-wing Syriza coalition government to introduce crippling capital controls in a desperate bid to save the country’s economy from complete collapse – the result, on the ground, of which is that food and medicine (among many other things) have run out. As we watch on, the people of Greece are being starved into submission, and all we are getting from the so-called Left in Ireland is tired old quotes from dead Marxists, but the people of Greece cannot eat hackneyed slogans!

Herein lies the sickness of Europe’s Leftist Alternative: it is all about the critical analysis, the sophisticated academic articulation of progressivism, inaccessible economic publications, macchiato crème frappuccinos, and expensive craft beers. It is an “alternative” alright – an alternative route into a career in politics and an alternative to actually doing something. Tonight one thing is absolutely clear right across Europe, and that is if Greece falls then this monstrous system will be coming for us. It is time to wake up! It is time to start doing something. We could start by making sure the Greeks on the frontlines have food in their bellies.

Jason Michael
Blog Author

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