Yesterday evening a link was posted to this blog appealing for your help to protect and save the people of Greece (Caritas Greece). Caritas has been working around the clock over the past number of months to feed and shelter the rapidly growing number of people forced into destitution and hunger by the European Union’s crippling austerity programme. With banking restrictions currently in place donations to foodbanks and homeless shelters have completely dried up and people all over Greece are now left completely without food. I said last night that Caritas is a faith-based organisation and I am perfectly aware that many people would prefer not to donate to religious organisations. I respect that. Caritas has done and is continuing to do an amazing job keeping people alive. Moreover it is one of the very few organisations which are exempted from the banking restrictions – so money can get through to them. For those who would rather support a secular fund I have found One Greece. This organisation is gathering money from around the world to provide the most desperate people and families with food, fuel, and medicine.

One Greece Link

Right now the situation in Greece is critical. Without access to the bare essentials people are going hungry, they are being put out of their homes, and the hospitals are running out of medical supplies. You can make a difference by donating however much you can. Seriously, every little helps. Many of us don’t have money to spare. We’re all in this together. If you don’t have the funds at the moment you can still help. Please take the time to share this message with your friends and over your social networks. We cannot sit back and allow this to happen to our sisters and brothers. If this can be done to Greece – it can be done to us.
Please help!

Jason Michael
Blog Author


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