Today in Athens and all around Greece there are hundreds of thousands of people who are without any access to food. Banking restrictions – limiting the amount of cash people can withdrew from their accounts – mean that there is less currency in people’s hands with which to help those in need. In Athens and all over Greece donations to shelters and foodbanks have almost dried up and there is now an urgent need for international support and assistance. There are a number of charities and foodbanks over the country, but the hugely increasing demand for their services has pushed many of them to breaking point. Banking restrictions have also limited the access that charities and foodbanks have to their donations. With every day that these regulations stay in place the situation, which is already beyond desperate, worsens. Caritas, an international faith-based charity, has been feeding the destitute and the hungry of Athens for months, and what is most important is that it is currently exempt from the banking restrictions. Donations made to the organisation can be accessed and used to stock up foodbanks and homeless shelters. I am sharing this in order to appeal for your help.

Caritas Greece – Link

Frustratingly Caritas Greece does not have a PayPal facility and so all donations will have to be made manually at the bank. I have been on the phone to Fr. Antonios Voutsinos – the director of the charity in Athens – and he says that people are working on setting up an online donations page (I will keep you posted), but we do not have the time to wait for this. Money is needed right now. If you have any spare change, even just €5 (more if you can afford it) please drop into your bank and give it to them. I know that we are all going through hard times at the moment, and many of us don’t have enough money to spare. If you would like to help but you don’t have any money to spare then please, please share this message with your social media networks. Someone you know may be able and willing to send a little money. For all sorts of reasons some people will have reservations about donating money to a ‘religious’ organisation, and so I will be looking for other organisations to where donations can be made, but please be assured that Caritas has a long and proven track record. The most important thing right now is that food and resources reach the people who need them. Thank you for reading.

Jason Michael
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