Our struggle for rights and freedom, for equality, justice and fairness, means that we have to take the fight against Capitalism – now the single most destructive force on Earth – to every corner of oppression and exploitation. It means that every complex and simple battle must be joined by every worker. All industrial, social, environmental, and agricultural struggles against corporate oppression are connected; they all face the same wily and formidable foe – Capitalism. It is in this reality that we hear the call for the workers of the world to unite, but never have we achieved this unity; this joint effort against the tyranny of the profit principle. Now that it has gained total domination of the world, Capitalism (private industry, the corporations, and the banking institutions) has one very simple concern: money. The investor does not need to worry about human rights, the environment, the complexities of the labour unions, or the working population. All that the investor and the corporations need concern themselves about is how to make money; one simple objective, the reaching of which has inflicted untold damage on the world and every living thing that lives in it. With incalculable reserves of wealth it simply crushes each protest as it arises.

Capitalism’s sole threat is the possibility of real and global worker solidarity – Socialism. Having only this one potential obstacle in the way of continuing to make money it has all the time in the world, and limitless resources, to devote to understanding and undermining its problem – you and me. It knows that a naked assault on revolutionary action will create only more support for the revolution, and so it becomes the revolution in order to poison it from the inside. Once upon a time Gay Pride, for example (but like all truly revolutionary movements), was a movement against an establishment that victimised gay women and men both in society and in the workplace. Its struggle was joined by the trade unions and various other Socialist movements until it became a serious threat to the Status Quo. Look at Pride now. Have you ever seen so much corporate sponsorship and advertising? Big companies – interested only in making money – have become the sole visible defence of gay rights. Homosexuality itself has been commodified. Mmm fashion! Style and the illusion of respectability have become some of the avenues by which Capital interests have subverted the revolution and tapped into the purse of the Pink Pound. It has become one of a long line of revolutions that has been quelled and harvested for its financial resources. Capitalism knows us better than we know ourselves.

Jason Michael
Blog Author

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