It is encouraging to see Frau Saxe Coburg und Gotha’s chief minister of religion, Justin Welby the Archbishop of Canterbury, pay such wonderful lip service to the recent words of Pope Francis on the need for meaningful action on climate change. At the very least this demonstrates that what the Roman Pontiff has expressed is being taken seriously as the right thing to say by other politically invested religious bodies around the world, but sadly – coming as it does from God’s representative to England – it is utterly hypocritical and devoid of anything resembling sincerity. During the height of the Thatcher years Mr. Welby was up to his neck in the stripping of West Africa’s oil resources for the benefit of the British economy and was the treasurer of the London based Enterprise Oil as it plundered Scotland’s North Sea oil to enrich the City of London. He left the oil industry because he felt some god needed the skills of such an accomplished despoiler of the God of heaven’s green Earth, rather than from any sense of an ethical crisis. Sure, as a servant of his god, he said that he would have been likely to behave like the reckless bankers responsible for the financial crisis had he been in their position. Bear in mind this is the Church of England’s second in command after an un-ordained monarch.

Of course the Archbishop of Canterbury’s echo of the Pope is a load of rubbish. Justin Welby, and sadly, by extension, all ministers of the state religion (no matter how well-meaning) are, by law, servants of a woman who is the physical embodiment of injustice and inequality. When Welby speaks about the need for action on climate change he does so as the servant of the monarch who is served also by a Prime Minister who is making wind-farming impossible on that increasingly grey and unpleasant land. Someone once said that we cannot serve two masters. We can safely say that the Queen’s minister of state for religion is unfamiliar with that ancient someone. As time passes I am ever more frustrated by the realisation that it might be true that the last Christian died on a cross. In a world wrecked by Her Majesty’s illegal wars (the blood of which is upon the hands of all her ministers) I have witnessed bishops and archbishops evict human beings facing the death penalty from their cathedrals, and now we see this ‘man in a suit’ – now garbed in a cassock – spouting the right words on what is likely to be the cause of the death of millions of people the world over. These people believe in nothing at all. Wolves in the clothes of sheep.

Jason Michael
Blog Author

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