We are told that democracy is an imperfect system, but that we should make peace with it because it is the best political system we have, and we believe it. Democracy, or the form of democracy we have made peace with in the liberal Capitalist West, has never been a perfect system, and it has been designed to be imperfect. From the earliest days of democracy in the modern era it has been calibrated to serve the purposes of the elite political and mercantile class. Every attempt to extend the franchise has been carefully managed to guarantee power remains with the powerful and only the merest illusion of participation is granted to the masses. In all of our democracies the plebeian electorate cast their vote without once being offered the opportunity to affect the real seat of power, whilst those with real power scheme continually to confuse people, manufacture consent, and alienate the majority from the political process. No one gets a vote on which multinationals financially back our political leaders or on who sits on the boards of the corporations and banking institutions that hold the reins of power in modern liberal democracies. When we go to the polls all that we are being asked to do is cosmetically alter the face of real, unelected power to better suit our tastes.

Newspapers and the entire machinery of media inform us only of the facts their owners want us to hear, and their owners always have a stake in who sits in parliament. What I am saying here is that democracy – the best system we think we have – is a load of bullshit (in the technical sense). This is not a conspiracy theory. It is simply a conspiracy – and we are the victims. Keep voting. It won’t do any harm, but you can be sure that it will rarely do any good. Voting is what the population does while real decisions are made behind closed doors. Democracy is a scam; what we think of as democracy can only ever be an imperfect system, and this is why I reject democracy. There are alternatives to this imperfect system. That there are no better alternatives is only what we have been told, and who has been telling us this? Just take the time to look and see how benefits the most from the current system and you will have your answer. What I believe in is a perfect dictatorship, and how that word shocks us. Only the dictatorship of the masses, where all of the people own all of the instruments of capital, state, and information, can promise real liberation. Everything of the present system must go. Nothing of it can remain, for every part of it is diseased and contagious. Revolution is the remedy to the poison of democracy.

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