Before the general election Cameron was telling us that this vow of his was delivered. From then until now he has been continually spouting on about delivering his promise to Scotland. Now, tonight, after today’s events in Westminster, it is clear that it was all a stalling tactic. The Tories have absolutely no intention of delivering anything approaching real devolution – let alone Home Rule – to Scotland, and let’s not say that this comes as a surprise. All of the terms of reference are being spun into clichés in an effort to alienate as many people from the process as possible, and by this I mean that it is Westminster’s desire to ramp up the political jargon in the hope that a more politically engaged Scotland will simmer down and get back in its box. At the heart of this whole discussion are two very simple things: full fiscal autonomy and Scottish parliamentary permanence. There’s no mystery in any of this – all that this means is that the Scottish government wants the freedom to raise taxes and spend those taxes as it sees fit, and to remove from Westminster the right to shut down our parliament when it sees fit. Westminster doesn’t want to give us these things.

Apparently Scotland having the final say over our own money isn’t in the best interests of Scottish people, and Westminster imagines that Scotland needs smarter people above us to spend our money on our behalf. Just think about that for a moment. What it means in practice is that, as a nation, we have a legal guardian. We are expected to work all of our days and simply hand up our wages to one of the most violent and dangerous states on the planet – because it knows better. More power over our own money can be worked on. Of this I am sure, but that we do not have a guarantee of a Scottish government and Scottish parliament without the permission of Westminster really does bother me. More powers for Scotland means nothing at all unless we can be sure that we will have our own government elected in Scotland for Scotland. It is remarkable that we still do not have this security, and it is deeply frustrating that the present English government is not prepared to give us this bare minimum. On a whim our government can be dissolved by London and we can be all the way back down on square one. So what we actually have is nothing at all. More power can only ever be guaranteed in Scotland with full independence.

Jason Michael
Blog Author

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