Violence is abhorrent, and people of good conscience always and everywhere must do everything in their power to stop violence becoming a means to solving political problems. It is naïve to think that we can always avoid violence and conflict. History is replete with examples where life itself has been made impossible without recourse to the violence of war and resistance. All over the world there is a call for peace in Israel and Palestine, and indeed peace must be the end of every policy undertaken – be that political, economic, or military. Peace, or the rather the cessation of hostilities, between Israel and Palestine tomorrow would be catastrophic for the Palestinian people. In fact it would be terminal; it would lead to the inevitable genocide of Palestinians and the ultimate end to any hopes for a Palestinian homeland. The reasons for this are simple: the strangulating blockade of Gaza daily erodes the ability of Gaza to thrive, and the cantonisation of the West Bank makes the viability of any future Palestinian state impossible. Simply put – there can be no peace in Palestine without justice. The status quo is itself one of the greatest threats to lasting peace in the region and to global security.

Israel has made it perfectly clear that it will not tolerate the existence of a Palestinian state, and to this end it has worked continually to ensure that there cannot be a Palestinian economy. Israel, with the support of the United States, Britain, and the European Union, pursues an aggressive military and economic war against the Palestinian people, and uses the language of ‘peace’ to take from its victims the moral right to resist the genocide to which they are subjected. Peace – as we are led to understand it – is one of the greatest forms of violence used against Palestine and the Palestinian people. Peace, therefore, must be rejected. Conflict is the only avenue left available to Palestine, and those of us in the international community of nations who desire a lasting and meaningful peace between Israel and Palestine, must support Palestine’s right to engage in a war against Israel. Whether or not this war is to be an armed struggle is a matter for the Palestinians to decide, but it would be foolish. Any open, violent clash with Israel would be suicide. I would be a war against the military complex of the world’s only super-power. Conflict need not be violent, but conflict is absolutely necessary if Palestine and the human rights of Palestinians are to have any future.

Jason Michael
Blog Author


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