Revolution, the social realisation of necessary change, requires that a critical mass of the global working population wake up to what is happening around them. At present, around the world there are the stirrings of real revolutionary movements. Tens of thousands are mobilising on the streets of Greece and Spain, in Scotland and all over England and Wales separatism and the hunger for greater regional autonomy are growing in direct response to the elevating rate of social inequality in the United Kingdom. In the United States too, the Anti-globalisation and Occupy movements are challenging the structures of corporatism in both industry and politics. Change is in the air, but the critical mass has yet to be reached, and all the while the powers of the status quo are working to undermine the confidence of the people in their own ability to affect revolutionary change. It is at least possible that the clash of these two ideologies – of profit and revolution – have reached equilibrium. If this is true then we must consider the possibility that revolution will not happen and things will continue on the same trajectory towards the despotism of the multi-nationals. Something must be done to shift the balance of power.

There is of course the idea of Accelerationism in the process of revolutionary reflection or praxis. What this means is that we assist, or at the very least permit, the dominant forces of international capital to continue on their way. In essence, as the theory goes, this means that we give the despoilers of the world enough rope with which to hang themselves. Our western default is a mode of living where we, as a society, are addicted to the creation of wealth. That is to say the ongoing transfer of wealth from the poorest to the richest, and like all other addictions we must first allow the addict to hit rock bottom. I have to confess that I am often won over to this philosophy. One homeless person dies on the streets and there is a protest. In time the protest dies away and things carry on as before. Nothing changes. People cry out as more families are forced out of their homes, but in time this outcry also peters out. Our awakening may require a mountain of dead homeless women and men, and a sea of dispossessed families. Tempting as this idea is, it still requires that we become part of the equation of injustice. It requires that we too set aside our humanity, and if we become less than the people we are then no amount of change and no revolution will save us. We will have become the very beast we wished to kill, and nothing will change. All the same, something has to give.

Jason Michael
Blog Author

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