Love is so completely beyond our understanding. It sees in the other what few others can see, and reaches out from the heart over continents, letting nothing – not any suffering or pain – stop it until it touched upon its beloved. Love is so un-possessive that it will freely let go of the most exquisite treasure, knowing that only those gifts which are offered willingly and freely can be held. Love overcomes all difficulties and trials, and does so without once counting up the cost. Love is a willingness to put down one’s life and, in equal measure, a willingness to take it up for the comfort and good of its intended. God is love. This is what we have been taught. This is all the law and the prophets. To seek love above all other things – not pleasure nor mere satisfaction – is the search for God no matter what name we put upon it. Today was a triumph for love in Ireland. We have broken chains of oppression, and the clatter of their rending will reverberate even to the gates of heaven. Yet still the shadow of the recoiling serpent traces over the ground.

Words of God, written long ago and far away by otherworldly sages, are trotted out by lesser men to cast the runes of fear and doom on the heads of a people now made free. This is the religion of defeated tyrants; petty domestic despots, who would use words they do not themselves understand to ensure that their children’s lives aren’t worth living. Having watched in bitter rage the whole world – the people of God – turn its back on them they sound off their last and dying roar, now reduced to a helpless bleating. None of this, this mere witchcraft and sleight of hand, is the religion of the God of love. How can they who do not love nor know it know the God who is the author of love? All that they are left with are meaningless and empty works – made all the more meaningless and hollow by their failure to read them in the language of love in which they were written. We cannot know this God or his or her designs, but we can follow love’s course by following the footsteps of those who love. Today the will of God’s people – love’s people – has set a course. This is the will of love. This is the will of God.

Jason Michael
Blog Author


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