Who’s in the mood for the second independence referendum already? Actually, if opinion on social media is anything to go by, then there is a growing demand for another crack at the whip. It would or it could be fun. We could turn back on all the power and feel the surge that we were feeling back in mid-September on Freedom Square. It would be electric. Right now all of that seems like a distant dream, and so many people all over Scotland want nothing more than to see all that action and passion reignited. So what’s stopping us? Politics – that’s what’s stopping us.

Another referendum will come, or failing that something else will come. Scotland’s independence is in the bag. This much is for sure. It’s only a matter of time now, but we have to be dead careful. Social media is like looking in a mirror. We follow the people we like the sound of, we like what we agree with, and in this way we burrow deeper and deeper into the echo chamber. Social media is deceptive, and if we’re not aware of that we can end up blundering blindly into a number of traps.

So far we have played a fantastic game. Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond before her have led the National Party from near obscurity to the political domination of Scotland. Right now there are no less than fifty-six SNP Members of Parliament gearing up to take our cause right to the heart of the British establishment, and the 2016 Scottish Parliament elections look set to capitalise on all of the gains they and we have already made. All of this is to our great credit, but there are more things happening below the surface that we have to consider.

At the general election the SNP did not stand on a promise of delivering another independence referendum, and this was for good reason. We had to break the back of Scottish Labour by offering its rank and file an alternative left to the less-than-left that Labour has become. This means that not everyone who voted for the National Party is necessarily in favour of another referendum – yet. By moving too soon we may inadvertently restart the Labour engine, and this would be a blunder. What we may need now is a settling period where we can make some significant gains at home and at Westminster to repair the divisions that have opened up in our country.

– Ùr-Fhàsaidh
Jason Michael
Blog Author


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