Like most people on planet Scotland right now I have become an avid reader of the vociferous Effie Deans. Personally I think it unfair that she gets the abuse and the trolls that she does. I don’t get the impression at all that she’s a bad person – she’s just a unionist who isn’t afraid to shout about it. My problem with Aberdeenshire’s Lily of St. Leonards is that her logic is as sound as a three pound note. Let’s all have a good discussion, but we all have to at least try to keep the rules of logic. Something tells me, however, that Effie knows she’s bending the rules. She’s hoping we don’t catch her out.

The National Party’s landslide has everyone’s head turned. Separatists the length of the country are beside themselves with excitement, the politically interested the world over see it as nothing short of a revolution, and the unionists in Scotland imagine it as the trumpet heralding the arrival of the Antichrist. Effie Deans, who as a unionist rejects the statehood of Scotland, is prepared to accept its statehood to present the SNP as an incipient totalitarian regime. Well, she can’t have it both ways. From a unionist perspective the National Party have a present 56 seat share of the seats in the 650 seat parliament of the British state – quite far from being a one party state.

In the real state – that is the UK state that exists at present – the SNP have less than a 9% share of the House of Commons. Of course Effie knows this, but by gently shifting the terms of reference she knows that she can cause worry in certain quarters. Actually this is quite disingenuous and rather manipulative. To be kind I will have to assume that she herself is confused on this point and hasn’t quite understood the difference between representation of Scotland at Westminster within the framework of the British state and the greater diversity reflected at national level in the Scottish Parliament.

– Ùr-Fhàsaidh
Jason Michael
Blog Author

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