Here’s the thing: I’m not sure if all this #ScotlandTakeUsWithYou business in the north of England is a joke or not. There can be little doubt that it started off as a bit of craic, and actually it did – in a pub in Yorkshire. The hashtag was first used in a tweet by Carol Lechowski back in May 2014 during the independence campaign. Rumour has it that a group of friends were together having a few scoops and chatting about all that was happening a few miles up the road, and they thought that it was an excellent idea. So it was tweeted, and now Carol’s big idea has gone utterly viral and has even made it to reports on Russia Today. Northern England is not having a great time of it, and they haven’t been having such a super time for about the same amount of time that we in Scotland have been having a bad run of it under successive Westminster governments that couldn’t give a monkey’s. What really stinks for the folk in Yorkshire is that neither they nor anyone else in the north of England have a regional assembly with which to protect themselves from the avarice of London.

This isn’t really a joke. Northern England is miffed; they’ve had about as much as they can take down there and they want an opt-out clause too. So they are down there looking up at us thinking to themselves that it would be a rip-roaringly brilliant idea to tear the United Kingdom to shreds. At the same time as Carol and her mates were enjoying themselves in the beer garden talking about leaving London and joining Scotland Better Together were up from London telling us that we were indeed better together. It turns out that all the while even the English weren’t convinced that we are better together, and by better together we all mean better with London. No we’re not. No one is better with London. This is an entire city that has furnished itself particularly well with the money it has sponged from Scotland and the industrial north of England while a quarter of our children are left to rot on or below the poverty line. Better together? Better for whom? It was definitely never better for any one of us – in Scotland or in Yorkshire. What I’m going to do now is send a wee tweet to Carol and let her know that she’s more than welcome to come and join us. We’re leaving!

– Ùr-Fhàsaidh
Jason Michael
Blog Author


2 thoughts on “Not as ‘Better Together’ as They Told Us

  1. If you think living in the North of England is fun I suggest you come and live here. The Scottish people voted nearly on mass for the SNP, and time will tell if that was a wise vote.

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    1. It is so wonderful to hear from you Carol. The wonders of the internet will never cease. We know that it isn’t easy for people living in the north of England. You guys have suffered as much as we have under austerity. Let’s hope that the border does move south, and we can all leave together.


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