It’s like something straight out the pages of a thirteenth century conqueror’s textbook. England’s government, running out of options in Scotland, has decided to use the House of Lords to impose London rule on the unruly Gaels. Andrew Dunlop, a Scots Conservative and Unionist who has spent the whole of his life in England, was an aide of Margaret Thatcher who helped hammer down the people of Scotland in the 80s with the Tory Poll Tax experiment. This fact might account for his choice to live as far away from Scotland as he could. Now that London is losing its grip over Scotland people with Andy’s particular skills set have again come in useful. During the Blairite New Labour years there were enough Scots willing to bang the Westminster drum in the north, but after years of political abuse and criminal negligence Downing Street’s supply of  Scottish Uncle Toms has all dried up. One single Scot is now democratically available to be Minister of State – thank you very much Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale. Cameron is clean out of fodder for the Scottish Office. Well, that is if we are only going to do things democratically. Cameron has the Lords at his disposal.

In an incredibly stupid – but predictably Westminster – move David Cameron is going to take one of the most hated men in Scotland and make a Lord of him so that he can control Scotland without its consent. This is a stupid move because there were plenty of alternatives that could have been used that would have gone some way towards appeasing Scotland. Appeasement? Well, we know that the British have a pathological fear of appeasement. If only they would get over this thing they have of seeing all of their opponents as Mr. Hitler and the Nazis. Thankfully for Scotland the London establishment is singularly incapable of overcoming its past. It is this incapability that now has it dispatching the feudal lords to the rebelling northern kingdom. We must congratulate Cameron and his cronies in their choice of just the right Lord, and by this we mean the very worst one he could have possibly chosen – Andrew Dunlop. One has to sit back and think if the English Prime Minister actually harbours a secret desire to see and independent Scotland. As if his fragile little Britain doesn’t face enough dangers, what with the EU referendum and the certainty of a Nationalist majority in the Scottish Parliament next year, he goes and sends Thatcher’s Poll Tax man back to Scotland.

– Ùr-Fhàsaidh
Jason Michael
Blog Author


6 thoughts on “Cameron to Govern Scotland with the Lords

  1. Ironically, it’s the unionists who are going to guarantee that Scotland will be independent sooner rather than later. The more stupidly they govern, the sooner the penny will drop amongst those No voters who gave them the benefit of the doubt in the referendum.

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