One cannot help but grin at the patent desperation of Cameron. In his electoral success in the last general election he secured a Conservative majority by the slimmest of slim margins; a pale victory he won by drumming up fear in England of the possibility of Scotland calling the shots in Westminster. His success in Scotland too was of the tiniest measure, and this too was gained by a sustained campaign of terrorising Scottish voters with fabricated uncertainties about the future and their well-being. Where his general election victory in England was tight, in Scotland the triumph of the National Party was resounding. So much so that Alex Salmond could speak of the Scottish lion letting out a mighty roar – and indeed it did. What Cameron and the Tory establishment have learned from events in Scotland since last September is that Scotland is now ready to leave the union. His response to this new understanding of the lie of the land in Scotland is that the Scots will be refused another referendum on the same question. His claim that the people of Scotland voted “emphatically” to remain in the union with a mere 5% difference between the sides underlines how delusional his position on the future of the union has become.

What we are watching unfold on planet Britain is little more than a whack-a-mole attempt by the powers that be to close off as many escape routes as possible for the Scots in the hope that their appetite for separation with somehow magically disappear. None of this will ever go away. It has simply gone too far, and the Conservatives are attempting to hold on to Scotland using the very methods of Tory governance that ignited Scotland’s hunger for independence in the first place. Cameron cannot appreciate that by racing around locking all the doors he is only aggravating an already volatile situation. Even in the bad old days of Thatcher it was known that the moment the SNP took the majority of the Scottish seats the union was done. The union is done! To make matters worse for him he has had to promise an In-Out referendum on Europe to the English in order to stay in government, and even he knows that this is a wide open exit route for Scotland that he is powerless to shut. He is confident that he will get the right result in that referendum, but couldn’t bring himself to say he would win. Cameron has had a string of luck, but it will run out.

– Ùr-Fhàsaidh
Jason Michael
Blog Author


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