We came into this election count hoping for at least fifty of the ‘looking good’ possible 58 or 59 seats in Scotland and what we got was 56 out of a possible 59. The Scottish National Party, in spite of all the fear-mongering and dirty tricks from the Unionists, swept the board that is the Scottish political map. We also came into this hoping for a hung parliament at Westminster, where neither Cameron nor Miliband gained and overall majority in the Commons. That part didn’t go so well. Cameron stirred up as much fear around England as he could about the ‘dangers of Nationalism’ and the Scots pulling the strings of Britain. Whatever we think of David Cameron; one of the wealthiest and most privileged men in England, the poorest and the most powerless in his kingdom rallied to his battle cry. On the surface of things this does make forward movement for the Scottish National Party a tad more difficult than we all hoped it would be. The Tories now control just less than 51% of the House, and so – in theory at least – are capable of passing any bill they choose.

Thankfully this isn’t quite how the Commons or any parliament works. Not every politician always votes with their party, and not everyone always bothers turning up for work. This is the opening where, with such a slim majority, everything remains possible. Admittedly, this cuts both ways. We can’t always rely on our side – be that SNP or its confederates – turning up or voting with their party. In reality it becomes a little bit of a free-for-all (some of the time at least). Ideally what we want the SNP to do now; for the term of the next government, is make it difficult for David Cameron to ‘govern.’ We want to see legislation in Westminster slowed to a snail’s pace. We want to make the Tories work hard to achieve the most basic things in their own front garden. We want to see them employ their whips at every turn. We want to bring them to a place where they will happily see Scotland removed forever from the United Kingdom. There is nothing wrong in playing it like this. These are the rules after all, and we are in the perfect place to cause them pain while playing by the rules they have set.


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