It is just too easy to label the National Party Fascist or Nazi, and this is precisely the route that the Unionists in Scotland and over the whole of Britain are taking. The moment that the referendum was defeated back in September last year the Unionist mobs descended on Freedom Square in Glasgow and put an end to months of colourful and joyous Yes to Independence campaigning by rioting with ‘Butcher’s Aprons’ and setting offices on fire. In the BBC this was naturally portrayed as disgruntled Scots not getting what they wanted, when in fact it was quite the opposite; the British victors marking their territory. Nationalists were set upon and assaulted, saltire flags were torn from youths and set alight, and pro-union supporters raised up their hands in sieg-heil salutes. In the aftermath they were most keen to deny all of this, but there was no shortage of photographs of the many incidents. The police did nothing, and no one was brought to book for what happened in the days after 19 September 2014. When they could no longer deny the evidence against them this Nazi saluting was re-branded to become the ‘Red Hand of Ulster’ salute – a symbol of loyalty.

Back in October 2013 Jeffrey Donaldson MP from the Democratic Unionist Party in the north of Ireland had condemned this salute and said that it was a dishonour to the flag of the British union. Even he was prepared to see it as nothing other than what it was – racist and fascist. Between the referendum and this coming general election the British authorities couldn’t exactly condemn this activity, as those using the Nazi salute in Scotland were out on the streets keeping the Independence Movement – known for peaceful campaigning – at bay. So instead of calling it out, they decided to turn on the supporters of the National Party by deliberately calling it the Nationalist Party. Subtle but effective. Everyone from the Scottish Labour Party to the Prime Minister, and from J.K. Rowling to the BBC, were decrying the evils of Nationalism and pointing their grubby little fingers at the victims of the Glasgow thugs. This is how they have hoped to keep the union intact. It has given tacit permission to pundits and internet trolls to call SNP supporters Nazis. This is the nature of the beast that we have had to face down on the streets and across social media in this campaign.


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