Look to what depths the British Nationalists in Scotland have plumbed. Every day since September last year we have been told that we rejected national self-determination fair and square in a democratic referendum. Every day we have been told that we were defeated, and yet the support for the National Party in Scotland has done nothing but balloon to the point that many polls are now predicting that not one single Scottish seat in Westminster will out of Nationalist hands. Had England’s Cause truly won the day last September this Gaelic Revolution – for that is what it is – would not be happening in Scotland, and yet it is. Each day for the past 227 days more and more Scots have come to the full realisation that Better Together was a lie; we watched as one promise after another failed to materialise, and how they laughed in our faces at the success of their campaign of intimidation and fear. Had the British Labour Party shown one iota of compassion for Scotland in the thirteen years it was in government, and had the victorious Unionists shown a single ounce of magnanimity in their referendum triumph this present Scottish awakening would have been euthanised in the womb, but now in their utter desperation they insult us by calling us Nazis?

We have opposed a foreign monarchic system of class oppression whose members have a penchant for SS and SA uniforms. We have denounced British aggression against oil rich Middle Easter nations. We have been unfailing in our condemnation of Britain’s military and financial aid to the racist colonial Israeli state in its unrelenting genocidal campaign against the people of Palestine. We have rejected the presence of Westminster’s weapons of mass destruction on our soil. Yet for the crime of being Scots, for acknowledging our God-given sovereignty in our own land, and for demanding that the Scots alone should rule the Scottish nation, Britain – with its bloody history of imperialism and concentration camps – has the neck to call us Nazis. Since my school days I knew I was a patriot, but now any creeping affection I may have ever had for this sickening union of corruption, deceit, and violence is gone. It disgusts me – sickens me to my stomach – that my vote helped put New Labour in government. Scotland, I repent with my whole heart for ever having offended thee. Never again in my whole life will I support the British occupation of my country, and with every energy and fibre of my being I will work to rid my homeland of this excrement.

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