As a foetus the baby girl born to William and Catherine Windsor (formerly Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha) was used as an ideological weapon of guilt against the Scottish people in the run-up to last year’s independence referendum. It goes without saying then that I have no great affection for this child, and among my fellow Scots I can imagine that I am not alone in this feeling. This has not been an easy thing to admit – let alone say out loud. We are talking about an innocent newborn baby after all. I do not hate or despise this little creature, nor do I wish it any harm, but I will confess that I do resent it. I resent the privilege and the power into which it has been born, and I resent that its birth has spread such softness in people’s minds, and the uncritical and automatic adoration it will now receive. I resent all of this in this child because its very world of privilege is built on the backs of the tens of thousands of children kept in poverty and hunger in Scotland. Tonight I am content that I am able to put these words to my emotions about this child.

However bitter I feel about this child I do have two sincere hopes for its future. I hope that this baby girl has a long life. It will never know lack, and it will never do without the very best in healthcare and education, so a long life should not be too much of a stretch. The other hope for its future I have is that for most of its life my country is a foreign country to it, and that its family has no stake or claim on our land. It is grotesquely unfair that a child should become the symbol of this grudge, and for my part I accept full responsibility for how these emotions have manifested within me, but we can expect no similar acceptance of responsibility from those who created the rules of the game; that part of the royalist-unionist establishment to which this child will be yet another ideological pawn. My own regret in this regard, I fear, may be another sign of our weakness – the very weakness of humanity that made it possible for us to be colonised in the first place. Yet I refuse to be cold. I will love this child like we should love all children, and I will love for her not to be part of our future.

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