All of my work ground to a perfect halt before the weekend due to a text message I received on Friday evening. It was from a wonderful friend of mine with a suggestion of a website I might enjoy. It was Friday and there wasn’t too much on the television so I decided to give “” the once over. Well that was a most pleasurable mistake. Please do not visit this site if you have anything approaching the importance of exams or a heavy workload. It has nothing more brilliant than super fantastic retro Super Nintendo games from the good old days. Naturally I immediately launched a search for Super Mario Kart, and lo and behold there it is in all its pixelated glory; Mario, Luigi and the gang in their 50 and 100 cc Go-Karts waiting at the lights ready to take us on a speedy racing tour back to the beginning of the nineteens when we had acne and a crush on Ms. Long (more about that some other time). There was me well into the wee hours of the morning competing against Donkey Kong Princess Peach and Toad for the Mushroom Cup. Retro rocks when it’s free!

Once I became aware that I was once again killing precious time on a 16 bit racing game I decided to make some use of it and put together a YouTube video of yours truly having the time of his life. Okay, it wasn’t really intended to showcase the game, but for the sake of putting together a video – the very first for my YouTube Channel, so jump on over there and have a look. I was thinking that the odd little video would make the blog posts here that little bit more interesting, and this one is definitely light enough to post at the weekend. So don’t be worrying yourselves too much, there will be a few more serious videos coming in the near future. The only real problem that I have at the moment is that I am not completely hooked – for the second time in my life – on Cannon Fodder. If my memory serves me right I was smack bang in the middle of my Standard Grade exams when I was doing all night sessions in front of the big tube telly with Jools and Jops and the lads running through the jungle shooting up bad guys. Happy days!

2 thoughts on “Revisiting a Squandered Youth with Mario

    1. I always suspected that you were that sort of wastrel. That gives us one more thing in common. The problem that I have is that I am still dropping in for the odd ‘shot’ on a video game. Growing up has turned out to be really difficult.


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