Well you have my sympathy if you were forced to walk into work this morning. I suppose the consolation is that it is a beautiful day, and, sure, we could all do with losing a few pounds for the summer and saving a few Euros on the bus fare. My sympathies are also with the drivers and their families, so let’s not be opening our gobs and letting our bellies rumble. RTÉ has already sounded off with some guff about this dispute disrupting thousands of commuters on their way to and from work. There are only two things that ought to be said about this state propaganda – that this is Dublin for goodness sake; no one even wants to go to work, and let’s face it, the tiniest bit of snow and the whole fecking country is ground to a halt. So the Rarely Truthful Enterprise can do us all a wee favour and keep its trap shut. The fact of that matter is that the drivers have been doing everything in their power to negotiate with Dublin Bus and Bus Éireann who are attempting to get the thin edge of the wedge in by putting 10% of the bus routes out for private tender.

The unions representing the drivers made the decision only after management refused to discuss the various issued any further. So it would be an exercise in futility to lay the blame at the workers on this one. It is frustrating that every single time there is a strike or an anti-austerity protest in this city it is met with a disgruntled mob of zombies complaining that they’re likely to miss the start of a soap opera because of the delays through the city. Yes, I am sure that it is annoying, but we have to at least attempt to see that what the workers and the protesters are doing is for the benefit of everyone. No one selfishly goes on strike or out in all-weather with placards shouting down the government. Right now we are all paying more because of an economic mess that wasn’t our fault. Ordinary people with families and money worries shouldn’t have to bear the brunt of an austerity policy that is making the rich elite of the country even richer. So let’s all calm down, cancel our travel plans and get behind the drivers. They are making sure that wages and services don’t get any worse than the government has already made them.

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