After the narrowest of defeats in the Scottish Independence Referendum in September last year the SNP is telling the people of Scotland that the May general election is about getting the very best representation for Scotland at Westminster, and not about Independence. Perhaps someone should attempt to explain this better to the Scottish electorate. In a desperate bid to keep the Scots in London’s pockets the Labour Party in Scotland bedded down with the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats in an all or nothing bid to demolish Scotland’s hopes for independence. On paper it worked, and the result of the referendum was that Scotland will remain for the time being in the Union. Now as we look down the barrel of another British general election it looks as though the people of Scotland are not convinced that they were defeated. Westminster gloating in the aftermath of the referendum, a Scottish Labour with Tory lipstick on its collar, and a Smith Commission that gave Scotland some fishing rights in its own rivers and complete autonomy over road signs have clearly managed to get Scotland in the mood for another go at London’s Goliath – and this is just what the polls are saying.

According to the most recent Ipsos MORI poll the Scottish National Party is on track to scoop every single Westminster seat in Scotland. Granted, we have to take this with a wee pinch of salt. This is only a poll, and we all know what the polls were saying days before the September 2014 referendum. What is likely, if not beyond a doubt, is that the National Party will carry the lion’s share of the Scottish seats, and that the leader of Scottish Labour himself might even lose his seat to the independence tidal wave. Right now the constitutional question isn’t on the ticket, and Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP are sticking to this plan for the moment, but one can’t be quite convinced that the voting public in Scotland see it this way. 45% were in favour of leaving the union on referendum day even after a titanic struggle against the odds and against a powerful media fear campaign. All that this has shown the people of Scotland is that there is blood in the water, and now they feel they can finish what they started. All that we can do now is wait and see, and with another referendum in its pocket perhaps victory at Westminster spells a final victory for Scotland.

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