Meet David Quinn, the self-styled father of the conservative Catholic Family movement in Ireland. It is important, at least to me, that we do not plumb the depths of gossip and character assassination in any political campaign, but it remains prudent in any conflict to reach some understanding of the players involved so as to better understand their motives and agendas and so better prepare ourselves to tackle them in the public arena. We may know Mr. Quinn from his right-wing contributions to the borderline (just being kind) fascistic Irish Independent, we may know him as the face of the Iona Institute, and we may know him from his often bumbling and obnoxious Twitter exchanges with ordinary everyday people who happen to find his opinions somewhat offensive, but there is more to the man-cum-propagandist than this public profile. Actually when we go toe-to-toe with Quinn we find ourselves in a whole world of closed door shady deals and discussions with access to a global pipeline of finances which has given him the capability to construct a clever Machiavellian mirage; a monster that appears to speak with all the authority of the Catholic Church with all of the faithful in all of the pews. Enter the Legatus war chest.

Please don’t get me wrong; I’m a Christian of the Western Catholic Tradition, I am all for community and prayer, but an exclusive international club of wealthy, powerful, and influential ‘Christian business leaders’ gives me the creeps quite frankly. Without delving too deep into the realm of conspiracy theory or inventing details for the sake of sensationalism, we have to admit that this is proper Dan Brown territory; an Illuminati of sorts within the Church turning the wheels of history always to their own ideological advantage. Whatever happened, I ask, to “Go, sell what you own, and give the money to the poor (Mark 10:21)?” Dublin too has a chapter of this über-elitist Catholic organisation, and its director is none other than our very own David Quinn.

Legatus is not simply a social club for successful businessmen, nor is it merely a religious confraternity – it is an openly right-wing, traditional family, Catholic lay fellowship that has tasked itself with applying its own brand of Christian values to the societies from which its leaders profit. Its members do not hope to do this with fasting and prayer. No, they have money and influential networks at their disposal, and they are using them to influence opinion on the ground. We all use their products, and we are all aware of the power of their marketing. Let’s not foolishly dismiss the powers at play in the battle for equality.

Ùr-Fhàsaidh is a Christian social justice blogger who is committed to a Yes vote in the upcoming Marriage Equality referendum, and to helping other Christians see the good sense in a Yes vote. Please take the time to sign up to his social media feeds and share his work.


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