Doctor Who never interested me as a child. It still doesn’t. I was never a fan of science fiction, and I was certainly never a fan of BBC sci-fi. Back in the day, when my brothers and I were being minded by our Uncle Stephen, we were inflicted with Jim’ll Fix It, Top of the Pops and Doctor Who. Regardless of his somewhat colourful history, I have always quite liked Stephen. He wasn’t that much older than us and managed to get into as much trouble from our mum – his big sister – as we did. He was always a grand old spud as our ‘Steph.’ Yet no matter how much I like him, I never took to his rubbish taste in television. Mind you, watching garbage on the BBC with him was always to be preferred to watching him making out on our couch with any one of his long line of atrocious girlfriends – and they really were atrocious. His taste in women never rubbed on us either. This said, I was always a huge fan of Doctor Who’s mental scarf, or Tom Baker as Doctor Who’s mental scarf. My entire life, when shopping for a scarf, I’ve been looking for a ridiculously long one.

Sitting out at the coffee morning in the Holy Spirit Church, Ballymun, a friend lets slip that she does a bit of crochet. As it happens she had just done some work for another friend and was happy to show off what she had done. Really nice I thought. “Would you ever make me a scarf,” I asked. I’m cheeky like that, you see. Not a bother to her. Earlier today Karen, as is her name, dropped into the Men’s Centre with a finished scarf. Mighty! You have to see this yoke. My granny, had she not decided to die on us twenty years ago, couldn’t have done a better job, and twenty years ago I was convinced my granny was the best at everything made of wool. You ought to have seen the queer looks I was getting all day as I strutted about the place with a scarf that was long enough to scale down off the top of Liberty Hall with. You know, I couldn’t be happier with a scarf if I tried. It really is a huge pity that summer is coming. It will be way too warm to wear about the city, but I’m definitely going to give it a shot. Thanks Karen! I love it. Many happy photos to follow!

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