It turns out that it was unconstitutional for ministerial orders to criminalise drugs in Ireland without recourse to the Oireachtas. Up until now the 1977 Misuse of Drugs Act’s list of banned substances was being added to unilaterally in contravention of article XV of the Constitution. Personally I find it odd that this is the part of the Constitution the state is choosing to take seriously right now. A written Constitution, when we think of the US military’s misuse of Shannon and a host of other abuses, appears to have been something that Ireland thought would have just been cool to have. Anyway, now that this law has been suspended Ireland has become party central. Ecstasy, shrooms, and crystal meth are now completely legal to possess and consume until the Minister for Health gets emergency legislation in place to stop all the fun on Thursday. It will still be illegal to import and sell these legal substances, but if you just happen to have a stash in your bottom drawer you are free to enjoy it at your leisure. Weed and hash are still a no-no, so be careful out there people.

People serving sentences under the now defunct law will have to complete their time, as the law was the law when they were sent down. It is good news, however, for people currently up before the courts on possession charges. As, as of this morning, the highest court in the law has declared that the law no longer applies. I can only imagine that even after Thursday they will be a few really happy people out there.

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