Had I been told tonight that one of my nearest and dearest was involved in a plane crash I would be beside myself with worry. I am sure that we all would. Yet somehow this all changes when the victim of the accident was not seriously injured and happens also to be the very man who piloted the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars. Yes, Han Solo – the wheeler-dealer who can do anything with his flying piece of junk – was in a plane crash! First off, I have to say that I am delighted that he wasn’t too badly hurt, and I do hope that he makes a speedy recovery from the injuries that he has suffered. He is a very lucky man. Now with this disclaimer out of the way I have to add that this is one of the funniest stories that I have heard in… forever. Social media went crazy the moment the news broke, and some of the memes have been delicious. One might even be forgiven for thinking that he was envious of all the attention that Leonard Nimoy has been getting lately. We all know how self-obsessed these Hollywood types can be.

Since he and the Wookiee parted company following their bust-up after the last prequel he has been blighted with engine problems. Chewbacca was the real tech brains behind the wires on the rust bucket, and Harrison Ford was only ever kidding himself on if he thought he knew the difference between a ratchet and a crank. So there was a sad inevitability behind the crash. It was a World War II training plane, and really the sort of thing that the fuzz ball should have been giving the once over before Han went Solo. What happened was that the plane malfunctioned. The hyperdrive motivator had been damaged, forcing the delusional laser brain to make an emergency landing on a golf course. Not quite Cloud City! Those first on the scene, as it happened, were doctors ‘on a course,’ and we are left wondering if one of them just happened to be called Dr. Jones.

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