Listening to Joan Burton, Tánaiste of this republic and a woman with the charisma of wet weekend in Greystones and the fashion sense of my dead grandmother, quoting Jim Larkin at the Labour Party Conference in defence of her class betrayal has left me cold and wanting to vomit. Underlining her complete lack of grace she used her keynote address to the poachers-come-gamekeepers-club to deliver yet another kick to the class of Irish society she has left wounded and bleeding on the ground. Progress deniers; those people the rest of us know as realists, she said, are the people who would hijack (yes, just like the 9/11 hijackers) peaceful protests to get across their point. In a republic founded on the force of arms in a bloody insurrection against another liberal democracy she has the cheek to call those on the breadline who have the audacity to protest “bullies.”  The Labour Party, she insists, has a long history of standing up to bullies. Ha! This Party, formed from the shat out remnants of the Workers Party, which was openly aligned with the Soviets who bullied half of Europe and funded the terrorists who bullied half of Ireland, thinks itself the adult in the playground?

It is insulting to sit and listen to the flat toned sermon of a burnt out old hag in pearls – decrying the actions of working people struggling to feed and house their families – when all she has done, as the flunky of the Fine Gael fascists is corrode the very fabric of socialism in Ireland. She and her party are poison; they are toxic, and they are contaminating the soil of community with their treachery. We were always taught in the School of Being Polite so the Toffs Can Understand never to get personal or use foul language. There is merit to this philosophy. When we break these rules, we are told, our opponents won’t listen – they will dismiss us. What a crock. This nonsense is taught by middle class teachers to working class children to keep them quiet. Whether we speak well (politely) or not they will always dismiss us. Their very grasp on power and wealth demands that we are dismissed. The reason that I am happy to break these rules is that I don’t respect my opponents in the Labour Party. I contempt them. Them that would use their monopoly of power to savage the powerless and call their victims “bullies,” them that would hide behind Larkin and Connelly – they can go and f*ck themselves.

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