House of Cards season three has arrived on Netflix bringing the long wait to an end. Frank and Claire Underwood were brought to within a heartbeat from the presidency without a single vote being cast in their favour. Now in the third series the devilish Frank is in the Oval Office and the fight has begun to consolidate his rule. Politically speaking, Underwood and I are not in the same camp, but who wouldn’t be impressed by the beast that he is? Frank Underwood, evil and twisted as he is, is a refreshingly honest examination of the nature of power politics. Outside of the world of politics; as onlookers, we have always intuited that democracy is a scam. It is a relief to see, at least from the minds of the creators of House of Cards, that we are not alone in this suspicion. Of course it is a fraud. At least through our tour of Frank Underwood’s rise to power we get to see that those who ride the gravy train of modern politics know that democracy is the great scam, and that they are the ones who are scamming us. There is something honest about it.

My very own Claire Underwood and I treated ourselves to an evening in front of the television to enjoy the first three episodes of the new series, and – speaking for myself – it wasn’t a let-down. I don’t watch a great deal of television anymore. Watching brain-dead entertainment conditions the brain to intellectual chewing gum; it makes us lazy, and – to be perfectly honest – most of what is on Irish television is either depressing or boring. Underwood’s political career is anything but depressing or boring – it is the best thing on television at the moment (in my opinion of course). It’s not lazy viewing. During every episode, during my little sortie into the suspension of disbelief, I find that my inner megalomaniac is being groomed and petted. What is depressing about the release of this new series is that it is during the Labour Party Conference; on the box we get to watch Frank do the work of a Machiavellian monster getting his America Works bill through the house, while in reality we have to suffer third-rate Thatcherite witches like Joan Burton shiting on about the future of a country that cannot wait to see her and her ilk in its past.

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