Having a poem published technically makes one – I am sure – a poet. A few years ago in Belfast I was presenting a theological essay on the theme of Being the Other when I was introduced to the idea of writing Haiku poetry. Until this point in my life I had always assumed that the Haiku was a tool used by Zen Buddhists to help them look more mystical. I had never thought of it being used by Christians for the same purpose. So I wrote a Haiku inspired by maths:

∞ dawns!
> ∑ our parts:
Come on, bring it on.

As this little project was part of the conference all of the Haikus written by the speakers were published in the proceedings – and so I became a published Haiku poet. Many academic conferences include these artistic little asides. They serve to entertain academics while they pretend to be interested in the research of their peers during long paper-reading sessions. Once this particular trip to Belfast was over I packed up my things, along with my newfound aptitude for Japanese poetry, and leapt on the Dublin train. Recently, and just for fun, I thought of putting the Bible to Haiku.

One obvious problem, other than it being one hell of a task, is that others have done the exact same thing before, and in many cases much better than I could ever hope to do it. So this project certainly wouldn’t be original – and it’s definitely not origami. All the same, it promises to be an amazing adventure. Here was me thinking that a degree in Biblical Studies was completely useless. Just to keep myself amused as I read my way through the Bible this year I will be transforming it verse by verse into a series of Haiku poems. If you are on Twitter, and you like to be amused by such things, give @BibleInHaiku a follow and retweet your favourites.


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