Over the past couple of days I have been noting the increasing number of fly-posted posters advertising membership and events of the Irish Republican Socialist Party. These are the same people who thought it might be a good idea to throw fireworks into the carpark of Leinster House during the last anti-austerity demonstration in the city. While they may call themselves a political party, they have never put a candidate up for local or national election – so it might make more sense to consider them some sort of politically interested gang. God only knows who they actually are, but their insistence on featuring AK-47 assault rifles on their recruitment posters is a little worrying. It may be the case that this ‘party’ is nothing more than a small group of over-weight thirty-plus-year-old-men still living in their mother’s spare room, but these are troubling enough times without the added stress of yet another set of wannabe 1916 martyrs wanting to reintroduce guns to Irish politics. Thousands of people were on the streets the last time these thugs pulled a stunt which almost led to Garda truncheons coming down on innocent people’s heads, and the Gardaí are always on the lookout for a good excuse to smash some heads.

Not too many of their fly-post will be seen around the more affluent suburbs of the city, but here in the Liberties more appear every day. Only last night I caught two tubby little chaps pasting join-up flyers on the lampposts along Donore Avenue and Cork Street. At a distance I followed them peeling off their vandalism and casting it to the wind. Groups like this will always target the most vulnerable, working class communities in the hope of gaining for themselves some measure of social relevance and even power. We can’t ignore the fact that these are trying times, and right across Europe the clash with capitalism is coming very close to a head. No one with their head in reality wants to see violence in Irish politics again, and so we must not be complacent – we must do our bit to demolish the seeds of trouble wherever we see them. Capitalism has failed Ireland, and it has failed right across the world; we need not worry about the outcome of our struggle. Greed and the power of the moneyed class have a shelf-life, and it has already expired. Power will not easily be relinquished, and so some sort of clash is to be expected. Let’s ensure that this is not a bloody conflict.


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