Are we to accept that the Islamic State is now so powerful and well-established that the United States’ coalition of the righteous is powerless to dislodge it? The US and its affiliated puppet régimes were more than able to rise to Saddam Hussain and Osama Bin Laden, but now they can’t so much as budge a rabble of ‘Islamist jihadists’ from the side of a mountain in the desert. We can understand that it will always be difficult to upend an enemy with which your chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee (Sen. John McCain) visits and does lunch. It gets complicated when your Israeli allies are attacking the other Arab forces which are actually trying to stop them, and when most of their weapons were supplied by you through your Saudi allies. If you are like me, then you are probably more than a little suspicious about the miraculous survival of Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. These barbarians have united Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, and Iran against them, but still America, Israel and Great Britain have no intention of working with them to end the threat from ISIS. I smell a rat.

If it looks like a rat and smells like a rat – then it is probably a rat. ISIS is a great big US-Israeli rat right in the heart of the oilfields. However much international media tells us that these fanatical bandits are a danger to global security, the State of Israel (the state that surely stands to suffer the most from the success of radical Islam) doesn’t give a shit. Israel gives so little a shit that it is willing to assault Hezbollah fighters in Lebanon who are fighting to protect Lebanon (and Israel) from the spread of this great menace. No matter the amount of US and UK body bags that come home for hero’s burials, we know that they were killed by US bullets and US weapons. The US, Israel, and all their allies stand to gain a great deal from the spread of the Islamic State and the destruction of the Middle East. Israel and America want the Balkanisation of the region – and ISIS is all about sectarian division. Have you ever heard of a Trojan Horse?

Jason Michael
Blog Author

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