We are out on the streets again. Today is the second part of the anti-water charges demonstration begun on 10 December. Last time thousands of people from all over Ireland converged on the streets of Dublin to say that enough was enough, but the government didn’t listen. No one expects them to listen this time. After all this is a battle of wills between the well-to-do and the ordinary working people of Ireland. Ireland’s political élite, along with the bankers and financiers of a grossly corrupt state system, gambled Ireland into the dirt – taking with them the security and well-being of hundreds of thousands of people all over the country. They manufactured a national economic downfall that has resulted in the ruin of families, businesses, and the loss of lives in sub-standard, and failing hospitals. Last time round the protesters were being sniped at from comfortable people on social media as an ‘army of unemployed,’ malcontent ne’er-do-wells out on the street only to cause trouble. The truth is that we are out on the streets because we have no choice. Our wages have been slashed, out rights have been eroded, and we are being squeezed by taxation to breaking point – all because the comfortable, and the classes who engineered the crash in pursuit of their greed will not pay their fair share.

Yes, there are idiots in the mix. We saw as much from characters such as the guy who decided to throw personal insults at the President. The truth is that things like this will always happen, and the people at the bottom of the social ladder are not the only people to have hot-heads in their number. Sadly this incident was used by the government-friendly media to paint us all in a less than good light. Government and the media will always use the words and deeds of people like this to persuade others from coming to demonstrations. To them it is a game, and this is a tactic they use to win – they usually win. The rest of us have to make the effort to make sure that our feet are on the street. We have no choice but to send the government a message: We have taken more than we can bear, and we are not prepared to be patronisingly called heroes by smug visitors from the troika. I know why I will be out on the street. I will be there because I am living on just about enough to keep skin and bone together, I have been on a hospital waiting list for twelve months, my income has continued to fall, and now the Irish government want me to pay for the water that I drink. No f*cking way! I won’t register, I will not comply, and I most definitely will not be paying. Gaol me? Sure, fire away.

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