The particular medical complaint with which I suffer is hardly the most serious disease in the world, and I understand this. Still, it is a serious enough problem, and if left untreated it promises to have some pretty serious consequences for my health. It stands to reason then that I get it dealt with as soon as possible. I’m not getting any younger. It has taken St. James’s Hospital a year to speak to me regarding surgery for which it had promised I would only have to wait six months. They are speaking to me now, but no date has been set for the procedure. What is interesting here is that they never got in touch with me off of their own bat. No, their communication came only after I made the decision to take my complaint to this blog and my Twitter account. I got sick waiting and decided that it was time that did something about their super-long delay. On the first occasion that I blogged and tweeted it to them all I got back for my troubles was a rather snooty reply; telling me that this complaint was not for social media. Perhaps not, but surely I am the one to decide what is or isn’t for my social media?

Everything changed when I began to tweet TDs and other interested parties – including the tabloid media. At this point everything changed. Quite inexplicably the hospital’s Twitterer began being polit to me. Then I get an email from the secretary of the consultant; asking if I would like to come in and see the doctor. In the email that I received the author was keen to let me know that she was away from the job, and the consultant was held up in his clinic. What? Are we to believe that her leave lasted for six months, and the consultant’s clinic lasted just as long? They need to save face – so I’m not going to over-press them on these points. All I want is my bum fixed. Not really a huge request, is it? At least now the wheels are turning, and this meeting with the doctor may end up with a date being set for my wee operation. This would be the best result. I do have a fear, however, that my decision to become an up-start may end up with the surgeon spitting in my burger – so to speak. I’m a hopeful person really, and live in the hope that surgeons are better people than this. Let’s see what happens. Either way, I will keep you in touch.

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