I haven’t given up smoking. This year I made a point of not making that some sort of New Years’ resolution; the pressure always ends up being too much, and what happens in the end – the resumption of smoking – is inevitable. What I would prefer to say is that I am giving up smoking – I have entered into a process, the end of which will result in me no longer being a smoker. That said, my little tobacco tin is now empty, it has been empty for two whole days, and I have no immediate plans on topping it back up. So far, so good! Now I have some little vaping device that charges up on my laptop and takes a poisonous (deadly) liquid which becomes vapour when puffed. In fairness, the thing seems to work. It deals with the cravings for about ten minutes. My hope is that I can continue with this vapour yoke until the cravings retreat back to a couple of hours. At that point I will seriously consider down-grading to a patch or going for broke with a cold turkey.

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