Only recently did I start tweeting, and, at that, it was to promote the Butterfly Rebellion and my own little radical news service. After a few attempts I decided to begin tweeting on my own account, but I still don’t have many followers – so, as is normal, it feels as though I am calling out into an empty cave. Two people follow me on Twitter (brave people). One is a rabbi I have known personally for a number of years and the other is a nun called Emma who I only met on Twitter a short while ago. She, like me, is new to the one-hundred-and-forty character communication, but she has a few more followers than I. Something tells me that she will be an internet sensation. She tweets things to cheer strangers up, especially people battling with depression and anxiety. She reaches out to them and lets them know that she is listening to them. What she does is sort of amazing. Sister Emma from London is a one woman Catholic revival.

Somehow the world seems a warmer place knowing that there are people like Emma – complete randomers – who are prepared to do this sort of thing. Plus she shared one of my blog articles, and that makes me like people (hint). I hope that she stays on my timeline and I hope that her own, very special, internet ministry works out well.

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