Most of us have come across hipsters by now, and those that haven’t should count themselves lucky. Hipster is a pointless aesthetic of artisan food, progressivism (or whatever each hipster determines that to mean), and vintage just about anything. Please don’t read this as a put-down entirely; this is what Hipster aims to be. In the main the hipster is a white, middle class young adult refusing to enter the mainstream, and this again is the point. Hipster women aim for the ‘alternative’ lifestyle of straight, tattooed, and void of opinion, while the hipster man contents himself with metro-lumber-sexuality (complete with Tsar Nicholas II beard and homeless-chic mountain clothes and runners). Fortunately the male of the species has the same depth of opinion as the female. If this were all I would be happy to let them at it, but this is not the case.

Gentrification is the class-colonial project of the Hipster – the process of moving into rundown, socio-economically deprived areas (within the private rental sector of course) and establishing an enclave of alternative living. The up-side of this is that these areas find themselves host to street festivals and cultural events. The down-side is that the locals are not exactly welcome at the street events and festivals, cheaper local grocery stores become artisan bakeries and coffee shops, and rent prices rise – driving the less-well-off into even worse housing conditions. All the while the typical hipster is sitting on a trust fund and looking down the barrel of a career in finance or ‘the arts.’ In practice this trend is a powerful form of social exclusion, and one which I will be glad to see vanish.


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