Acht!But. A word that is used in qualifying summaries following praise or rant. 1. Acht, she’s a wee doll, so she is. 2. Acht, he’s only a nutter.

Blether – Gossip or incessant talking. As a rule the Scots men don’t like blethering, and see it as something that the women do. In reality the men are the real bletherers.

Bogie – A ghost or a snotter. Scots grannies are forever telling stories of bogies and their grand-weans are forever producing them.

Boufin’ – Sickening or disgusting. More especially in the south west of Scotland yer ma’s cooking can safely be described as boufin’.

Chankin’ – Freezing. Trust me, when a Scot describes the weather as chankin’, you know that it is sub-zero.

Clout – A smack on the head administered in punishment. Mithers and Faithers across Scotland see it as their God-given right to clout their weans tae keep them oan the straight and narrah. Wee toe-rags come to see the odd clout as a part of life.

Dinnae! – Don’t! An expression of extreme annoyance with a wean, and is usually the last thing the skallywag hears becore getting a clout.

Dreich – Wet, miserable weather or the climate of Scotland in general. Such a warm hearted people need weather befitting their natural joy. The dreich is what keeps the Scot content.

Glaikit – Vacant, dim, stupefied. The people who live on the east of Scotland, especially around Edinburgh, are famous for looking glaikit.

Hoatchin’ – Very crowded. The supermarket is ai’was hoatchin’ the week a’fore Christmas. So too is the polis station the week efter Christmas.


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