We have said that 2015 is going to be a year of creating greater happiness and that this was going to be done in a number of projects. So the first mission is going to be all about improving health and personal wellbeing. It makes sense that this should be the first thing to work on, as it will provide the energy required for the rest of the year-long project. This has to be something big – something bigger than I have done before. A ten kilometre run should do the job nicely. To do this I will need to get into shape, and build up to a level where I am ready for the whole distance. Track, field and road running are boring. Surely happiness should be about fun? Right, let’s make it fun. This is what I have in mind.  

This gives me fitness, wellbeing and hopefully – if I don’t die – a bit of fun. It really should include an element of community and friendship. This means that I will have to rope others into this mission and find a decent group in the community for which I can raise funds. I’ll register a four-person team, this means that I need three more victims, and the good news is that I have one eager volunteer already: Claire the mental case. I only need two more. Here’s the team so far.

Marianne might be another good head for this operation, but I had better get her in on it first. We’ll all go for a wee cuppa and come up with another body. Already this is looking like it will make everyone a little happier. Let’s see what happens.

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