According to research about fifty percent of our general levels of happiness are genetically predetermined. This part would be our natural brain chemistry, and it has a significant say in whether we are happy or sad people. No more than ten percent of our happiness is created by our extrinsic achievements; career, wealth, ambition and this sort of thing. The other forty percent is of interest to positive psychologists, who, from the 1980s, have been busy exploring what makes people happy. After three decades of study they have concluded that they don’t know very much at all about what really makes people happy. What they have identified, however, is that there are three broad areas of our lives that have a positive or negative impact on our happiness – exercise, personal wellbeing, and community. Over 2015 I have decided that I am going to do my own experiment. I will exercise, look after my personal wellbeing, and get more into community. This I will do in a series of projects with set goals, aims and objectives. As they develop I will post them as asides to this blog.

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