It has been quite a few years since I have been to a pantomime. In fact the last time I was at a Pantomime it was in Kilmarnock’s Palace Theatre and our entire school group was put out early (read: ‘ejected’) for acting the maggot. This may or may not have been down to me, I can’t remember. The result was that Bellfield Primary School was banned from future performances for quite some time. Acting the maggot at a pantomime? Is that even possible?! So almost three decades later I find myself up in the gods’ at the Gaiety Theatre looking down on Peter Pan. We don’t have kids, and we never thought of borrowing any, and we had thought that it might be weird to take in a panto without children. It wasn’t though. It was a complete blast! Where else would you get to see Colm (one of the JUST crew from Ballymun), a man “deeply immersed in Ignatian spirituality,” and Mabel his wife (also there without kids) dancing to Meghan Trainor’s All About the Base?

It comes highly recommended – the pantomime and Colm’s dancing. I fell in love with Nana’s constant griping about the water charges and the pirate’s plank which turned out to be a wooden board with Enda Kenny’s face painted at the top. It was marvellous.

We all know the story. Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. There was also a grand looking little Tinkerbell. She might have been a little too into her LOLs and OMGs but she was also clearly a fan of Peter Pan. I don’t know, given a fairy admirer like that, had I be Peter Pan, I might be tempted to stay in Neverland. Just saying.

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