Opinion, being perfectly aware that I too hold many opinions, is something that makes me acutely conscious of the anxiety of the modern world. Mass media, the cyberspace revolution, and near universal access to the internet have given rise to the assumption – now almost unchallenged – of the equality of opinion. We have witnessed the relativisation of expertise with idle opinion in a prevailing culture where any challenge to this reigning paradigm is met with opprobrium as backward, reactionary, and fanatical. The confluence of this norm with a world where unfettered capitalistic modes of economic thought are enthroned on the End of History conclusion of the social conflict of the twentieth century has produced a tidal wave of popular opinion where nothing, not even the human body, escapes the reductionist evaluation of economic worth.

Autonomy and human freedom have transformed into an economically expedient atomisation where the duty of care of the community for the individual has been supplanted by a misunderstood rights based language of empowerment. Power to what end? This will to power in the context of absolute subjectivity of opinion, fuelled by the profit principle, has replaced the Common Good with individual pleasure and gratification as the highest virtue. This reality poses a serious problem for anyone to whom objective truth still carries weight. The one who seeks the Common Good is now the enemy of the powerful in their pursuit of pleasure and gratification. It is in this matrix that it makes sense that Christianity has been returned to its persecuted status; an inconvenient truth of the pluralist ‘free’ world.

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