What is a Christmas tree worth? To be honest I don’t know and I don’t really care either. I’ve felt neither the need nor the want to have a real Christmas tree anywhere in my home. They smell nice, but the pine-needles are painful. Not for me, but I am going to guess that a room sized Christmas tree will set you back about €50 in the last few days before Christmas. Be it a Norway Spruce or a Scotch Pine (not that anyone cares) the price per unit rises all the way through December until the 24th and hits zero on Boxing Day. Pumpkins must go through a similar cost graph in October, but at least you can always chow down on a pumpkin (not that I ever want to).

Walking back from Smithfield earlier today I happened upon a pile of unsold (never loved) Christmas trees just abandoned where the trader must have closed up on Christmas Eve. No one felt the need to come and steal them. It must have been somewhere in the region of €500 worth of stock. What would the world be like if television sets and toasters were simply ditched when they didn’t sell? Capitalism is one of the weirdest systems of waste on the planet.

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