Okay, I have to admit that it was a slow day today on planet Jason. About two weeks ago I was told to expect a postcard from London. Nice – we all like getting postcards, but there is a problem. All this time later and I am still waiting for this post to arrive from the other island. Every morning before heading out I check through the post and there are only bills and Christmas cards (Note: Don’t send me Christmas cards. I never send them back!). So I decided to get in touch with the royal mail and find out where they have been keeping my mail.

What I didn’t expect was that the Royal Mail would get back in touch with me about my missing postcard, but they did – and they were very polite about it as well. There can’t be that many postcards sent from London with a big red bus on it, I thought, so I gave them a description. Surely someone in the London sorting office would recognise it.

Well that was all very friendly of them. Yeah, but no, but… they still don’t know what the holdup is. Then it occurred to me that it may have already left London and be in Dublin. In that case it would be with An Post. No point asking them though. It has been in transit so long that it is more than likely in their GPO Museum. I should send them a tweet.


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