In the wee hours of the morning, when the sensible – the healthy, wealthy and wise – are all fast asleep, I trawl the World Wide Web. I’m from that generation whose parents are convinced that all things cyber are wicked and dangerous, and I happen to agree with them on that – one of the few things I happen to agree with my parents on. Most surfers in cyberspace see it as a place for fun, diversion and amusement, and it is all that. It is also a dangerous place, and so it should be. I’m not talking about Betty’s Big Boobs dot com and that sort of thing. Porn is just a means of extracting money from timewasters and fools. What I’m talking about is the sort of danger that can spread ideas and break down the fortresses of ignorance – freeing people to have more control over their lives, and bring down evil corporations and even governments.

In the past year I have watched on and taken part in a revolution that has rocked a country to its foundations; all without leaving my kitchen. This wasn’t the Arab Spring or the student demonstrations in the People’s Republic of China. This was thousands of people working together to expose the lies of the British government and work towards getting alternative media to the people of Scotland. We weren’t successful in our revolution, but it’s far from over. It’s all still going on. In this time I have learned how to be dangerous. Lots of people have. We’ve changed an old order. The BBC has forever lost its control over Scotland’s people – all because of Blogs, Twitter and Facebook. Now that we are dangerous we are learning how to be wise.

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