Now really isn’t the time for sermonising about what we watched on the television tonight. Neither is it the time for giving my tuppence worth. Detestable as it is, I can at least understand Ireland’s cold-blooded indifference to the homeless. We can appreciate, whilst despising, the mechanisms that led to the wholesale maltreatment of single mothers in laundries, the abuse of ‘illegitimate’ children in state care, and all the social misery of a poorer Ireland, but this? I closed my eyes at the worst of it and thanked God – really whispered a wee prayer – that I have met so many good people in my life.

A while ago I joked that it might be better if Ireland had a state euthanasia programme. This is a country (that I do love) that has invested so much energy into propagating itself as a good ‘Christian,’ moral and upstanding nation. It has legislated for the sanctity of all human life. It has withstood the blast from outside and the storm inside over the abortion question. Nothing of this means a thing. Not a single thing. It is all talk and hot air.

Women, women who suffer enough – ENOUGH – with serious intellectual disabilities; unable to talk, not always able to process, innocent and living a cruelty, dehumanised and degraded in care homes in Ireland. It is only one care home – yeah, my backside! No management supervision, lack of skills and training, lack of money, facilities, care workers and nurses joining in? That’s a culture. Not a private care home. Oh no, one for people who need the state – for people who really need. Battered, kicked, slapped, shouted at, humiliated. It could be worse. Only, I hope and pray it isn’t. People deserve so much better than this.


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