O’Connell Street never really took to the globular Christmas tree, and neither did I. Somehow it didn’t fit, like me. After so many complaints that it was too ‘modren’ for the centre of the city it was removed – out of the way – to Smithfield Market. Not by design or plan, things that Dublin doesn’t do well, it suddenly found somewhere where it fit. Smithfield is modern, and in the winter it is bright and shining in a trendy sort of way. Laden down with our bags we were struck by this ‘monstrosity’ as we came from the tram. No longer monstrous, the tree of sparling spheres suits the square and lets it say Christmas to the home-comers and party-goers. It was nice; it was all prettiness – and those aren’t things I often say, especially at Christmastime. Perhaps it was the mood I was in. Perhaps it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. Who knows?

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