We can’t always agree with everyone, and not everyone will always agree with us. Disagreement and differences of opinion are important. Managing to maintain friendships and keep societies afloat depends a great deal on our ability to cope with different opinions without recourse to insult or violence. I would like to think these are skills that most of us have gone some way towards mastering by the time we leave secondary school, but quite often we encounter people who simply are not willing to accept the fact the other people have their own, quite valid reasons for arriving at other conclusions. This evening I was called a ‘meandering dunce’ for my inability to see that all religion and religious people are power-hungry paedophiles. Secularism, as we often encounter it, is not a thing in itself, but an angry reaction a perceived injustice of the past. There were injustices, but what many fail to see is that these were injustices to all of us. Secularism creates its own injustices, which only the power-hungry paedophiles seem to be fighting against. The Church did not create this economic crisis or put so many out on the street, and we see very few secular bodies feeding the hungry. We live in a world where we are all entitled to our own opinions. The problem with this is that only some of these opinions are well informed.


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